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What Exactly Is The

Cat Security™ Cat Shield

Cat Security is a metal plate that, once installed, provides a strong barrier against catalytic converter theft.

Thieves, in less than three minutes, will steal your catalytic converter. The worst part is, most of them make a clean getaway. What's unfortunate is you, the owner, get stuck with the massive repair bill.

The superiority of Cat Security is unlike any other product on the market. All of our designs are specific to your vehicle for maximum protection.

Cat Security is carried and installed by some of the most reputable dealerships in the nation

Top Reasons To Purchase The Cat Security™ Cat Shield

Money spread in hands

Save on the potential loss of time and money

E.G. Insurance claims and vehicle downtime

Person on cell phone and sitting at a desk

Put your mind at ease about converter theft

Sleep well at night knowing your car is protected

Pair of red bolt cutters

Finally put the thieves out of business

Stand up for a good cause

Mechanic working under car

Easy, straightforward installation

Unlike competitors products