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Cat Security™ Catalytic Converter Theft Protection for Ford Expedition

Like most SUVs, and indeed, all vehicles built since 1975, your Ford Expedition comes equipped with a catalytic converter, or "cat," for short. It's a critical part of your vehicle's exhaust. Without one, the system's noxious fumes would seep into your cabin, sickening you and your passengers, polluting the environment, violating emissions standards, and probably even breaking a few laws. Put simply, your ride has to have one.

Unfortunately, the metals that comprise cats can fetch a high price on the black market, making the units, especially sought-after by thieves. (That value can skyrocket, too -- say, if yours gets stolen and you have to pay not only for the parts but also for the labor to replace it.) The situation's even worse for owners of Ford vehicles, which are highly targeted; SUVs like your Ford Expedition are among the hottest models to rip off.

There's a simple, effective solution: Cat Security™ products -- more specifically, catalytic converter shields (cat shields, for short).

Features of the Cat Security™ Cat Shield

  • A unique three-piece design. The shield provides maximum cat protection -- it's comprised of rugged metals such as aluminum (often a hardy 1/8-inches thick), corrosion-resistant, and most importantly, tough to remove. This makes it highly effective at preventing theft.
  • Off-road readiness. With some shield models, you can enjoy added protection for your transmission from the pitfalls of the trail -- rocks, branches, ice, debris, and more.
  • All the necessary ventilation. There's no tradeoff between cooling and the shield's protective capabilities.
  • Smartly designed logo size and placement. Smog technicians can easily authenticate your catalytic converter.
  • Designed to fit your vehicle's existing chassis. An exclusive security kit, with all required hardware included, makes installation a snap, without the need for any welding. Just use the step-by-step instructions that come with the shield to take care of the job.
  • Factory-style looks and fit. You can maintain the aesthetic of the Expedition SUV you love.

Why Buy Cat Security™?

Our catalytic converter shields have three main benefits other universal-fit anti-theft products often don't. For one, those we manufacture for your Ford Expedition model are designed to fit it perfectly. That's not a claim that other aftermarket cat shields can always make. Secondly, ours are a lot easier to install, with all the necessary hardware and instructions included. Finally, reputable car dealerships nationwide carry our products, and in many cases, they can even install them for you.

Where to Order a Cat Security™ Shield for Ford Expedition

Need some expert buying advice? Perhaps you have questions or a concern. Either way, you're welcome to contact us -- we'll be happy to help. Otherwise, the answer's simple: you can stop by a participating Ford dealer near you or pick one up right here on our website. It's as easy as a few clicks. Don't let thieves get the upper hand on the ride you love -- buy now. Order online and we'll ship fast, right to your address.

Available Products

2007 -2023 Ford Expedition/Lincoln Navigator Catalytic Converter Shield
Part Number: CAT-SCR10034
Description: Specifically designed to fit the 2007 through 2023 Ford Expedition & Lincoln Navigator SUV’s, this innovative shield system offers...

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