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Catalytic Converter Shield | 2023-2024 Toyota Prius Bi-Metal Mill Aluminum Finish - Cat Security (CAT-SCR10033)

  • Sale Price: $281.00
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In-House Experts We know our products
Shop with Confidence Your information is safe
In-House Experts We know our products
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  • Product ID: CAT-SCR10033
  • Description:

    Our 2023 and beyond Toyota Prius Shield is designed to prevent even the most determined thief. Our unique patent pending, bi-metal design provides the highest caliber of protection available on the market for both the catalytic converter and the resonator!

    Convenience is a criminal’s main motivation. Most criminals are carrying around easy to use and wield reciprocating saws. These saws use blades which are made for a specific metal. To cut through steel, you need a steel blade. To cut through Aluminum, you need a blade made specifically for aluminum. By combining Aluminum and Steel, thieves would need to carry multiple types, and quantities of blades to even think about starting to cut through this shield. Not to mention the amount of time and noise it would cause trying to cut through.

    High strength hardware, security bolts, rivets, and other mounting hardware add an extra layer of security to our shields and included at no additional cost.

    An additional benefit of Cat Security™ Shields, is the proprietary integration of our logo placement to allow for our shields to meet C.A.R.B (California Air Resources Board) compliance. What this means is that with the carefully planned placement of our logo, Smog technicians have a clear view of your Catalytic Converters and allows for the visual inspection which is required to meet C.A.R.B requirements.

    One of the major causes of failure for Catalytic Converters is heat. Cat Security™ Cat Shields are engineered to allow for maximum air flow to prevent any excess heat buildup and allow for maximum air flow while still offering the Ultimate defense against Catalytic Converter theft.

    As always Cat Security™ shields are proudly made in the USA and carry an industry leading lifetime warranty for the life of your vehicle.  This means that if your vehicle is ever tampered and the shield is ruined for any reason, will will replace the shield with no cost to you. 

  • Condition: New

Cat Security™

We have made it our mission to protect your catalytic converter from theft with a vehicle-specific solution. Hard-working people have been experiencing a high volume of theft of their vehicles with no viable solution. We decided to design the best products possible to help minimize catalytic converter theft and make them available to ship directly to your door.

If you do not see your car listed, head over to the Contact Us page and drop your info. We will email you as soon as we get a device ready.

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