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Cat Security Shield 2016–2023 Toyota Tacoma 4cyl 2wd Auto - Cat Security (CAT-SCR10035)

  • Sale Price: $499.00
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In-House Experts We know our products
Shop with Confidence Your information is safe
In-House Experts We know our products
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  • Product ID: CAT-SCR10035
  • Description:

    Our Bi-metal Dual Shield is designed for the 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma 4-cylinder model will thwart even the most persistent thief. Our distinct patent-pending, bi-metal design offers unparalleled protection for both the catalytic converters in this specific model!

    The key to most thefts is convenience. Many criminals wield simple-to-use reciprocating saws, equipped with blades intended for a specific metal. A blade for steel is needed to cut through steel, and an aluminum-specific blade is required to cut aluminum. By merging aluminum and steel in our shield, we're forcing thieves to have a variety of blades on hand before they can begin to breach the shield. The time, noise, and effort required are strong deterrents.

    Our package includes high-strength hardware, security bolts, rivets, and other mounting components, adding another layer of protection to your vehicle, all at no extra cost.

    A standout feature of the Cat Security™ Shield is our clever logo placement. This ensures our shields are C.A.R.B (California Air Resources Board) compliant. With our strategically placed logo, smog technicians can effortlessly inspect your Catalytic Converters, adhering to the visual checks mandated by C.A.R.B.

    Heat can be detrimental to Catalytic Converters. Our shields are crafted to promote optimal airflow, countering excessive heat accumulation, ensuring the best protection against theft without compromising the converter's health.

    And remember, every Cat Security™ shield is proudly manufactured in the USA. 

  • Condition: New

Cat Security™

We have made it our mission to protect your catalytic converter from theft with a vehicle-specific solution. Hard-working people have been experiencing a high volume of theft of their vehicles with no viable solution. We decided to design the best products possible to help minimize catalytic converter theft and make them available to ship directly to your door.

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