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Protecting Your Family SUV Against Catalytic Converter Theft

October 16th 2023

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Large family SUVs like the Honda Element, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and the Ford Expedition remain prime targets for catalytic converter thieves. There are several reasons behind this unfortunate criminal trend that has grown in the last few years and sports utility vehicles remain a main target for most catalytic converter crooks.

Why are SUVs are Targeted by Catalytic Converter Thieves?

SUVs are known most for their spaciousness and powerful engines. However, since their catalytic converters are larger than the typical vehicle, criminals seek out larger models because of the extra amount of precious metals found in their catalytic converters. Metals such as palladium, platinum, and rhodium that can sell for hundreds of dollars per ounce. These expensive metals not only play a crucial role in the catalytic conversion process that reduces harmful emissions from the vehicle's exhaust gases. These metals are also used in electronics and microchips which makes them so valuable.

Since SUVs have more horsepower, extensive engine sizes, and produce a greater volume of exhaust, they require a larger catalytic converter. The larger the converter, the more amount of the expensive metals within them which makes for a larger paycheck on the black market.

As the prices of the metals found in catalytic converters have risen over the last several years, so has the theft rate for these undercarriage purification mechanisms. Especially in full-size family SUVs, which are one of the most targeted vehicles aside from the Toyota Prius. Surprisingly enough, the Toyota Prius has two attached catalytic converters which also make it a prime target for crooks.

Does an SUV Ground Clearance Make It Easier for Catalytic Converter Thieves?

The ease of access to the catalytic converter beneath SUVs is another compelling reason why these vehicles are prime targets for thieves. Most SUVs are designed with a higher ground clearance, allowing them to handle various terrains and obstacles effectively. However, this ground clearance inadvertently creates an accessible entry point for catalytic converter thieves who can quietly sneak beneath the undercarriage to saw off the catalytic converter.

Given the increasing prevalence of catalytic converter theft, SUV owners must take measures to protect their undercarriage. Replacing a catalytic converter for an SUV can cost you thousands. Though, there are several steps you can take to safeguard your SUV from catalytic converter theft.

Guarding Your Family SUV from Catalytic Converter Theft

Seek Garage Parking if Possible

Parking your SUV in a secure garage can significantly reduce the risk of catalytic converter theft. Thieves are less likely to attempt thefts in well-protected areas with limited access. If you have access to a garage or covered parking, consider utilizing it regularly to safeguard your SUV. In most cases, however, youÕll be leaving your SUV in a public parking lot while you shop or see a movie. This is where most catalytic converter attacks happen.

Adding a Shield Guard to SUV Undercarriage

One highly effective solution is the installation of a catalytic converter guard by Cat Security. These metal undercarriage guards are specifically designed to protect your SUV's catalytic converter from theft attempts. Not only do they deter thieves, but they also serve as a shield against road debris, preventing it from damaging vital exhaust components.

Cat Security guards are constructed from high-strength metal alloys which makes them extremely difficult for thieves to bypass with a cordless saw. The shield guard securely attaches to the undercarriage of your SUV, covering and protecting the catalytic converter. This added layer of security significantly reduces the likelihood of becoming a victim of catalytic converter theft.

By investing in a catalytic converter guard, you not only protect your SUV from exhaust part thievery but also ensure the longevity and functionality of your exhaust system. It's a cost-effective and practical way to deter thieves and safeguard your SUV against this escalating trend.