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How to Stop a Catalytic Converter Theft Before it Happens

May 30th,2023

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Catalytic converter crimes are rising in 2023. Even with new state legislation across the nation giving harsher penalties to catalytic converter thieves and crime rings, vehicles are targeted repeatedly for this specific exhaust part. Thieves are going to thieve and it's smart to prepare your car for the worst now days. Especially when it comes to your catalytic converter.

Though society is still a few decades away from establishing the criminal prevention technology from the movie Minority Report, there are measures drivers can take to help protect their vehicle from having its catalytic converter stolen. Let's face it, if you fall victim to a catalytic converter crime, you're in the hole a few thousand dollars for parts and replacement costs. Ever wonder why this car part for your exhaust is so expensive? Here's why you should consider protection before it's too late and why this crime continues to rise.

Why Crooks are After Your Car's Catalytic Converter

Because of the value of the precious metals contained within a catalytic converter, pricey metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium, crooks can resell a catalytic converter for hundreds of dollars. These metals can be sold on the black market for a significant profit and it's only a select few from the scrap metal business who will turn a blind eye to make a few extra bucks off of catalytic converter thieves. Many of these dealers will not hesitate to extract these metals from a stolen converter to make thousands if not millions which have been calculated in more than several catalytic converter ring busts.

Undercarriage Catalytic Converter Protection Options

When it comes to preventing catalytic converter theft, parking your Pickup Truck or Hybrid in well-lit and secure areas can significantly reduce the risk. Parking in garages, secured parking lots, or areas with surveillance cameras can deter thieves who prefer to operate in secluded and poorly monitored locations.

To further protect your catalytic converter, there are various anti-theft devices and guards available on the market. Some popular undercarriage protection options include:

  • Catalytic Converter Locks: These are specialized clamps or brackets that secure the converter to the vehicle's frame, making it more difficult for thieves to remove.
  • Catalytic Converter Shields: These are metal plates or shields that cover the catalytic converter, providing a physical barrier and making it harder for thieves to access.
  • Security/Serial Number Etching: Some companies offer products that etch identification numbers or marks onto the catalytic converter. This makes it traceable and less desirable for thieves.
  • Alarm Systems: Installing an alarm system with a sensor specifically designed to detect vibrations or angle changes on the catalytic converter can alert you or others nearby if an attempted theft occurs.
  • What Catalytic Converter System is Best for My Car?

    Choosing a catalytic converter shield guard installation is likely the most effective option for all-around undercarriage protection. Cat Security shield guards are usually made of heavy-duty steel and metal alloys that are custom-fitted to your vehicle trim. They provide a robust physical barrier that covers the catalytic converter, making it extremely challenging for thieves to access and remove it with a hacksaw or other cutting tools.

    Best Places to Park to Protect Car from Theft & Catalytic Converter Theft

    If your truck or hybrid car's undercarriage is protected, you should still practice situational awareness when parking their car. Your vehicle is only truly safe if it is parked in your home garage. Anything goes on the streets these days and even in a public parking lot or garage, your vehicle is left vulnerable to thieves. Keep in mind the surroundings of your parking space and area before parking and shoot for well-lit areas or spots closer to regular pedestrian traffic.