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How to Protect Your Honda Compact SUV from Catalytic Converter Theft

October 23rd, 2023

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In today's America, protecting your vehicle, especially a Honda CR-V, from catalytic converter theft has never been more critical. SUV models like the Honda CR-V, Element, and the Honda Pilot have become prime targets for catalytic converter thieves due to the highly valuable metals such as palladium, platinum, and rhodium that thieves will resell on the black market. These precious metals are sold at an all-time high, which makes your vehicle an easy target for crooks with a hacksaw and a getaway car.

Why are Honda SUVs Targeted for their Catalytic Converter?

Thieves are drawn to Honda SUVs because they are easy to access beneath the undercarriage. The less work a thief must do to achieve their goal of making a quick buck, the better. Since sport utility vehicles have more ground clearance, it is quicker and easier to slide underneath or jack up one side, gaining quick access to cut off the catalytic converter.

The Speed and Simplicity of Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic converter theft from a Honda CR-V or Honda Pilot can occur rapidly, often in a matter of minutes. Thieves typically require minimal tools, like a cordless saw, to cut through the exhaust pipes to take the converter body. The theft of a catalytic converter can get costly for Honda owners, with repairs costing thousands of dollars for labor and parts. Not only that, but since the catalytic converter is required by state law to pass emissions inspections, it is a required car part, and drivers must have one to commute. This is an unfortunate scenario that affects numerous drivers daily across the country, but there is a sure way to add protection to your vehicle.

Secure Your Honda's Undercarriage with a Cat Security Shield Guard

To deter thieves and protect your Honda CR-V or Honda Element from catalytic converter theft, consider installing an undercarriage plate shield from Cat Security. These metallic-made guards act as a robust shield plate that makes it incredibly challenging for thieves to access and remove your catalytic converter quickly, if at all.

Cat Security's catalytic converter shield guards are an affordable and highly effective solution for theft prevention. Investing in one of these shields for your Honda SUV reduces the risk of becoming a target for catalytic converter thieves. The guard not only offers valuable protection but also serves as an additional shield against highway debris and off-road hazards.

Prevent Thieves from Access to Your Honda CR-V's Catalytic Converter

Don't allow catalytic converter thieves to disrupt your life and burden you with unexpected costs. Protect your Honda CR-V or Pilot with Cat Security's catalytic converter shield guards, which are a quarter of the cost of replacing a stolen catalytic converter body. Park your Honda SUV with peace of mind and invest in the security of your Honda's undercarriage today.