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How Often do Catalytic Converter Shield Guards Need to Be Replaced or Maintained?

September 11th, 2023

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Catalytic converter shield guard sales are on the rise as thieves continue to strike trucks, SUVs and hybrid vehicles. Just about every state in the country has delt with the rise of catalytic converter thefts. Protecting your vehicle's undercarriage components is more than necessary in today's world as, wait/delivery time for replacement catalytic converters have increased to several weeks to even months in some parts of the U.S.

Not have wait times for catalytic converters gone up, but so has price. Costs for an catalytic converter have skyrocketed in recent years. Car owners who have their cat converter taken can end up paying hand over fist for a new one as they can cost up to $2000+. High prices and high crime in populated areas are why catalytic converter guards have become so popular and necessary over that last several years. Once you have one installed on your work truck or daily commuter, you must stick with updated inspections of this undercarriage guard. Regular maintenance and occasional replacement are essential to ensure long term effectiveness and your vehicle's safety.

The Benefits of a Catalytic Converter Undercarriage Shield

Installing a catalytic converter undercarriage plate is a relatively easy process that can provide significant benefits. First off, it is a thief deterrent for criminals seeking to rip off your catalytic converter. The shield guard covers the catalytic converter body entirely, making it harder for them to access and remove the converter body.

Another benefit of a cat shield guard acts as debris deflection. The undercarriage plate prevents objects from the roads from bouncing up and damaging other vulnerable exhaust parts. An ideal customization for off-road enthusiasts or for drivers who frequent busy highways.

The Importance of Catalytic Converter Shield Guard Maintenance

Like any vehicle part for your car, a shield guard addition to your undercarriage will require maintenance, but not a ton. Monthly washings of your car can help prevent mud and rust build up on your car, and a yearly inspection of your shield guard is wise so that a driver has visual confirmation of their vehicle's well-being. Also, checking your shield plate for any large damages after every off-road trip can further prevent issues down the road. Look for signs of rust, corrosion, or dent/crack damage in the plate, as this can compromise effectiveness.

Common Problems with Undercarriage Shield Plates

Over time, exposure to moisture, heat, and road salt as well as rainwater and mud can lead to rust and corrosion. Regular cleaning or even applying a protective coating to the guard can help prevent the issue of long-term rust and common scrapes. Heavy damage or long-term defects can make the shield guard penetrable, or defective from thieves. That's why it is important to routinely clean the undercarriage of your car to prevent unwanted corrosion or damages.

While shield guards are designed to withstand impacts, they can still be damaged by large debris or rough, rocky terrain. Fasteners also hold the shield guard in place can become loose due to prolong road and wheel vibrations. Regularly check and tighten them to ensure the guard stays securely attached.

Maintaining your catalytic converter shield guard is crucial for both thief protection and the overall health of your vehicle. Regular inspection, maintenance, and timely replacement when needed will ensure your catalytic converter remains well-protected for years to come.

Replacing an Old or Broken Catalytic Converter Shield Guard?

Accidents on the roads and trails happen. Desperate thieves who may end up trying to bypass your shield plate by hacking away and only realizing that they can't break it. This may even leave the shield in bad shape or bent, creating unwanted wind resistance or drag beneath your car. A broken undercarriage skid plate can decrease the effectiveness of protecting your undercarriage. Seek a replacement ASAP if this is the case.

Whether you're shopping for your first cat plate guard or in need of a replacement, simply locate the right match to your vehicle's undercarriage and stay protected.