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What Are The Extra Benefits To A Catalytic Converter Shield?

March, 15th 2023

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There is no question that catalytic converter theft is up in the country. Since 2020, the rate of this valuable undercarriage piece has increased 1215%. When a crime takes a drastic turn, it is wise to stay protected. But does installing a catalytic guard do anything else for your undercarriage?

Is Adding a Catalytic Converter Shield to My Car Worth it?

Catalytic converter shield guards are an essential security add-on for any type of vehicle. While their primary function is to protect the converter from being stolen by thieves, they also serve several other crucial purposes. One of the most important functions of catalytic converter shield guard is to protect the converter from damage due to ground impacts or road debris. The shield guards serve as a barrier between the converter and any debris that may be kicked up by the tires or thrown up by other vehicles on the road.

Does an Undercarriage Shield Guard Regulate Temperatures?

Adding a shield guard not only protects the converter body from physical damage and theft, but they also help to keep the converter running at its peak efficiency. The shield guard can help to maintain the proper temperature inside the converter by regulating the flow of air around it. This remains critical because the converter relies on a specific temperature range to function correctly. If the converter gets too hot or too cold, it can result in decreased performance or even complete failure of your car's exhaust system.

Finally, catalytic converter shield guards also serve as a vital component of emissions control. The converter is responsible for converting harmful exhaust gases into less harmful emissions, and the shield guards help to ensure that the converter is doing its job correctly. Without proper protection, the converter can become damaged or contaminated, leading to increased emissions and decreased efficiency. By protecting the converter, the shield guards help to ensure that the vehicle is running cleanly and efficiently, reducing its impact on the environment.

Make a Catalytic Converter Shield Upgrade Today

Ultimately, drivers who wish to protect their vehicle from auto part thieves and the everyday abuses from the road can enhance the value and longevity of their car, truck or SUV with a cat security shield. Our guards are made durable to withstand normal road abuse, catalytic converter attacks, and they help your exhaust functionality while maintaining temperatures. Scout your catalytic converter shield guard now and if you don't happen to see one for your make and model, get on our waiting list. We'll get in touch with you as soon as your undercarriage shield guard is ready for order.