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Does Adding a Catalytic Converter Shield Alter My Car's Performance?

April 24th 2023

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Times and crime rates have changed in the country over the last several years. One of the most frequented car crimes is the theft of catalytic converters. In 2022, more than 150,000 catalytic converters were stolen according to With hopes of a decrease in catalytic converter crimes in 2023 with new legislation, all cars across the country have become a target.

Why is my Car's Catalytic Converter Valuable to Criminals?

If you're wondering what a catalytic converter's street value is worth, it ranges between $200 and $400. Criminals brave enough to slide under a vehicle to cut the converter body from the exhaust pipes can make a couple of hundred dollars by selling your catalytic converter to a precious metal extractor. There are several expensive metals in the converter, such as palladium, rhodium, and platinum, which can be worth thousands per ounce.

With today's economic uncertainty and the rise of drug addicted and desperate individuals, catalytic converter thefts have become the go-to for criminals looking to make fast money.

Protecting your vehicle investment is key for prolonged performance and reliability. Sadly, catalytic thieves have begun to run amok in the U.S. Because cars are easy targets for quick money, the converters hold a high resale value if you park your car in the open outside, your undercarriage is exposed, and it takes only minutes for a team of thieves to remove and take off with your car's catalytic converter. Car owners have resorted to protecting their undercarriage with a shield plate that covers the converter body.

Does an Undercarriage Shield Change the Performance of My Car?

Car, truck, and SUV owners concerned about a potential undercarriage attack may also be wondering if installing a shield plate dampens their on-road performance. Cat shield plates bolt firmly onto your car's bottom frame with rivets, making for a solid flat surface that denies any chance of a perpetrator with a hack saw cutting your exhaust pipes. They also help protect your exhaust system from any road debris that may bounce into your undercarriage while driving.

Mainly why, catalytic converter shields are known as the better option compared to catalytic converter alarms and cat clamps or cages. A shield plate fully covers your cat converter while allowing air to flow through to maintain exterior temperatures. These guards do not decrease performance with dangling cables or wires but give a lightweight but solid aluminum plate surface that is sturdy and aerodynamic at high speeds. It is impenetrable for saws to cut through your exhaust pipes, making it a popular choice for all types of car owners seeking undercarriage protection.

Guarding Your Catalytic Converter the Right Way

Whether you're the owner of a Toyota Prius, Honda Element, or a Ford F-150, guarding your catalytic converter from crooks is essential. Cat Security supplies drivers with a safe, affordable, and effective device that deters criminals from cutting off your catalytic converter. Don't see a cat shield for your car model? Sign up for our waiting list, and we'll be sure to notify you when your catalytic converter guard is available for order.