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Does a Catalytic Converter Shield Slow my Car Down?

June 7th, 2023

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Have you considered protecting your car's undercarriage because of recent reports of catalytic converter thefts in your area? There is no stopping the street thieves from targeting your car or truck when it's parked alone outside on the street or in a public car lot. Many car owners have resorted to installing undercarriage catalytic converter shield guards beneath their vehicles to deter criminals looking to saw off the catalytic converter from your vehicle.

How a Shield Guard for Your Car's Catalytic Converter Works

Catalytic converter shield guards are typically made of lightweight but durable materials like steel or aluminum. They are designed to provide a physical barrier around the catalytic converter, which is connected to the exhaust pipes of your vehicle. These shield guards for cars prevent access to thieves with a hack saw trying to get to your catalytic converter body.

If you think adding such a device to the bottom side of your car will slow it down, these metallic shields are actually designed with precision to avoid any damage to performance. A catalytic converter shield guard does not slow down your car and it even helps redirect air flow beneath your car so that drivers maintain performance and exhaust system functionality. The shield for your undercarriage is far superior than catalytic converter locks or alarms.

Why a Cat Shield is the Best Option for Catalytic Converter Protection

When properly installed, a catalytic converter shield guard by Cat Security allows your vehicle to operate at optimal levels of performance. Because they are aerodynamic in shape and attach to your car with a specific kit of bolts and rivets, you can leave your car parked knowing criminals will likely not even make the attempt to cut away at your pipes. Mainly because they are covered entirely with a non-impenetrable surface. The shield's surface also contains strategically placed holes and slots across its surface which helps with the air flow to cool your exhaust pipes.

Make it Tough for Catalytic Converter Thieves

While you may think it'll never happen to your car; the chance of your catalytic converter being stolen is only increasing. The latest statistic according to USA Today, in the last three years there has been a 2,200% rise in catalytic converter thefts across the country. So, why risk becoming a victim to this senseless crime? If there are means of protection, your car, truck or SUV deserves it.

When it comes to the proper protection, it is essential to choose a shield guard specifically designed for your vehicle model. Our catalytic converter guards keep your car's undercarriage covered for the years to come. Play it safe and find the compatible cat guard for your exhaust system