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Should You Consider Looking Into Catalytic Converter Security for Your Car?

January 30th, 2023

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Are car crimes up in America? Automotive theft and auto parts theft has skyrocketed since 2020. And according to a 2022 report, there has been a 1,215% rise in catalytic converter thefts since 2019. Drivers can hope for a decline of theft in 2023 but the reality is your car is never full protected from catalytic converter thieves unless you have a durable shield guard attached to your undercarriage that makes your exhaust pipes impenetrable to a hacksaw.

What Cars Have a Catalytic Converter?

All gas-powered vehicles have a catalytic converter. It is an essential piece to the exhaust system of gas engines and the piece that is so valuable to crooks is one that contains highly expensive metals like rhodium, palladium, and platinum. These are the elements that clean your exhaust fumes by transferring the harmful chemicals like sulfur oxide and carbon dioxide into water vapor and CO2 which are less harmful to the environment as well as your health.

It is common for hybrid vehicles, like a variety of trims by the Toyota Prius have two catalytic converters. Thieves who do their research know this and will not think twice to strike a hybrid vehicle if the place and time allows for it. Since there aren't any drivers standing guard of their vehicle 24/7, and security cameras only catch the act, not the criminal, your car's catalytic converter is at risk at all hours throughout the day and night. Car And Driver has even created a top ten list of car models that are targeted for their catalytic converters. And the number one car target is, you guessed it, the Toyota Prius.

Is My Vehicle at Risk for Catalytic Converter Theft?

Anytime your car is parked outside of a garage it is at risk for catalytic converter theft. It only takes minutes for a skilled crook or a team to jack your car up and slide beneath the undercarriage with a saw to cut your catalytic converter from the rest of your exhaust system. For some models like the Tacoma or Toyota Tundra, criminals don't need a jack lift and can slide right below the vehicle with a saw.

Other Ways to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

Since your car isn't fully safe when inside a public parking lot or parking garage at your local shopping mall, having the right undercarriage protection is essential. You may have heard of products like catalytic converter locks or alarms. But in many cases, criminals can cut these devices off or bypass them easily with force. Your best bet is to park your vehicle inside a garage over night or near well-lit places close to where there is foot traffic. At the end of the day, the best way to protect your car's catalytic converter is to install a metal shield guard.

Find an Undercarriage Guard for Your Catalytic Converter

Cat Security shield guards are made of a sturdy metal platform that allows your exhaust pipes to breath while also guarding any access straight on or from the sides. These undercarriage plates are fitted for trucks, cars, and SUVs and are a sure way to deter criminals from cutting your catalytic converter from your vehicle. Don't see the catalytic shield cover for your car model? Sign up to get on our list here and we'll notify you once your car's cat shield is available online.