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Catalytic Converter Crime Rings are Being Taken Down Across America

July 6th, 2023

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Catalytic converter theft has become a significant problem across the country, affecting vehicle owners and leading to substantial financial losses. The rise in catalytic converter theft can be attributed to various factors, including the increasing value of precious metals, the ease of access to these devices, and the lack of effective prevention measures. However, several solutions can be implemented to address this issue and protect vehicle owners from falling victim to catalytic converter theft.

What Value is in a Car Catalytic Converter?

In recent years, the theft of catalytic converters has seen a significant surge. According to statistics from 2020, catalytic converter thefts increased by over 300% compared to previous years. This alarming trend has continued, with reports of thefts and even large crime rings of catalytic converter cutters and distributors occurring in various parts of the country. The sharp rise in catalytic converter thefts can be attributed to the valuable metals, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium, found inside these undercarriage devices.

Recent Catalytic Converter Ring Bust in the U.S.

One recent bust of a Philadelphia-based crime ring led to the discovery of $8.2 million in stolen catalytic converters, which was all conducted over the years through a car-towing business. The illegal operation burnt a hole through thousands of car owners' pockets.

The Philadelphia car towing crime ring isn't the only group in the states to see their impending time behind bars. There have been other catalytic converter theft operations found anywhere from inside an upscale gated neighborhood in Baton Rouge, LA.

However, these two busts don't even come near to the mega catalytic converter crime ring bust in 2022 where an estimated $545 million dollars was recovered in stolen cats. A multi-state network of catalytic converter thieves raked in millions during the time of the global pandemic. Federal investigators arrested at least 21 people involved in the case and today still remains one of the largest busts for stolen catalytic converters in history.

Protecting Your Car, Truck or SUV from Falling Victim to Catalytic Converter Thieves

Increasing public awareness and education about catalytic converter theft is crucial in today's world. Many vehicle owners are unaware of the potential danger that can fall upon their vehicle when left alone or outside overnight. There are only a handful ways to truly combat the growing catalytic converter theft problem and a steel shield guard for your undercarriage is one way to keep your exhaust parts protected from crooks.

We urge vehicle owners to take proactive measures to protect their vehicles from catalytic converter theft. These guards are designed to provide a physical barrier around the catalytic converter, making it difficult for thieves to access and remove the device. By purchasing a Cat shield guard from our online store, you can secure your car, truck, or SUV's undercarriage and significantly reduce the risk of catalytic converter theft. Whether you drive a Hybrid car, or a full size pick up truck, there are plenty of options specific for your vehicle model and year.

By working together and implementing comprehensive solutions, drivers can combat catalytic converter theft while avoiding the extreme financial burden and inconvenience caused by this criminal activity. Invest in prevention measures today and safeguard your vehicle against catalytic converter theft with Cat Security.