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Best Catalytic Converter Anti Theft Device

March th, 28th 2023

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Across the country, catalytic converter thieves have continued to ransack undercarriages of all vehicle types. From cars and family SUVs to fleet vans and pickup trucks, the rate of theft has increased up to 33% in 2022. Catalytic converters are an easy steal for the criminal minded and no matter where you park your car outside, there is a chance your vehicle could be victimized next.

There are ways to protect this expensive and vital exhaust part. The catalytic converter is expensive because there is not only demand for it but also because of what's inside. Some catalytic converter anti-theft devices work, and some can be tampered with to the point they are penetrable. But which is the best catalytic converter guard one to invest in?

How to Protect Your Catalytic Converter

Since 2020, catalytic converter theft has risen dramatically. Mainly due to the worldwide pandemic and the increase in joblessness in the country, thieves go for catalytic converters not so much for the resale of this essential car part but for the expensive metals located on the inside of the converter itself.

Precious metals like rhodium, platinum, and palladium hold a high resale value that has consistently risen over the years. Scrap metal buyers could end up paying several hundred dollars for a used catalytic converter. After extracting the metals from the converter, they can end up selling the metals for thousands.

Since catalytic converters are attached to the undercarriage of your car and left in the open when your car is parked outside, it can take a thief with an electric-powered saw less than two minutes to slide beneath your car and cut the catalytic device from your exhaust pipes. If you park your vehicle outside for long periods, you're at risk. Even parked in your driveway, catalytic converter thieves have been known to strike everywhere, from the city streets to suburban neighborhoods and gated communities.

Regarding protection, your garage is the best place to store your vehicle away from thieves. However, since thieves prowl parking lots and parking garages for a quick catalytic converter steal, you could become a victim while visiting your local shopping mall or movie theater. This is why many drivers are turning to anti-theft catalytic converter shields for protection.

Choosing a Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Shield

No matter what type of car you drive, there is a catalytic converter criminal out there who is dumb and brave enough to take a swipe at your car's undercarriage. From smaller hybrid models like the Toyota Prius to SUVs like the Honda Element or trucks like Toyota Tundra, these metallic shield guards cover your catalytic converter completely.

There are alternative catalytic converter security devices, but none can compare to the durability and readiness of a shield guard. There is no point in wasting money on catalytic converter protection pieces that can be hacked. With cable cutters, thieves can easily cut off a catalytic converter lock or clamp that essentially chains the catalytic converter to the vehicle. This vital piece is such an easy steal that it must be safeguarded from all angles.

With a shield guard from Cat Security, the plate is made from a layer of solid metal that blocks criminals from saw access. The shield covers most of the space between your exhaust pipes and its sides, so there is no possible way to fit a saw between the front, back, and sides of the undercarriage to get to the converter. A catalytic converter shield plate is an easy install too and can bolt directly to the framing of your undercarriage.

Catalytic Converter Shield Installation near Me

Since catalytic converter thefts are happening statewide in your area, more than likely, there is a location to have a cat shield installed to the bottom of your vehicle. There is always the DIY route, and with the right tools and know-how, you could add your Cat Security shield right from the comfort of your home driveway.

No matter the installation route you choose, finding a catalytic converter shield installer near you takes no time. If you didn't seem to catch your car model's shield guard in our inventory, reach out to us on our contact page and get on the list. We'll notify you when your vehicle's cat shield is available for purchase.