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Average Catalytic Converter Shield Guard Installation Costs

June 13th,2023

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How Easy it is to Steal a Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converter theft has become a rampant and concerning issue across the United States in the last four years. Criminals target these valuable components for the precious metals they contain, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The surge in demand for these metals in the global market has led to a sharp increase in catalytic converter thefts and business for the criminal underworld is booming. In recent news from the U.S. Justice Department, catalytic converter crime rings have been caught with millions of dollars of stolen cats and more organized cat crime rings have started to go down in suit. Cases have popped up across the country with the biggest busts in states like California, Oklahoma, and New Jersey. It takes no time at all to steal a catalytic converter. If you park your car outside, it is at risk. Especially at night time.

Car Crimes on The Rise in America & the Importance of Undercarriage Shield Guards

Thefts have reached alarming levels across the country, affecting both personal vehicles and commercial truck and van fleets. The rise can be attributed to several factors, including the relative ease of stealing these devices, the lack of identification markings, and the valuable metals they contain. Criminals often target vehicles parked in public spaces, such as shopping centers, residential areas, and even parking garages making it a widespread concern for vehicle owners.

Many drivers have turned to security measures like cat locks and catalytic converter shield guards to prevent thieves from victimizing their car, truck or SUV. Regardless of if you have a shield or locking mechanism for your catalytic converter, it's smart to include engraving identification numbers on the catalytic converter body itself. This will help with recovery if it happens to go missing.

A solidified car alarm system can deter an undercarriage criminal, however, one of the most effective and comprehensive solutions is the installation of a catalytic converter shield guard that attaches to the undercarriage of your car. These shield guards cover the catalytic converter completely, denying access to anyone with a hacksaw who may attempt to cut at your exhaust pipes.

The Advantages of Shield Guards & How Much it Costs for Installation

Bottom line, catalytic converter shield guards provide a physical barrier that makes it significantly harder for thieves to access and remove the converter. These guards are typically made of robust aluminum alloys and are designed to fit securely around the converter, making it extremely challenging to tamper with or cut through. Shield guards act as a deterrent and significantly reduce the risk of theft, as they require specialized tools and a considerable amount of time to bypass.

The installation cost of a catalytic converter shield guard varies depending on several factors, such as the make and model of the vehicle, the complexity of the installation process, and the type of shield guard. On average, the cost for cat guard installation ranges from $200 to $500. While this may seem like an investment, it pales in comparison to the financial burden and inconvenience of replacing a stolen catalytic converter which can cost you thousands of dollars.

As catalytic converter thefts continue to rise in 2023, it is crucial for vehicle owners to take proactive measures to protect their valuable components. While there are various security options available, the installation of a catalytic converter shield guard offers the most comprehensive protection. By investing in this safeguard, car and truck owners can deter criminals, minimize the risk of theft, and safeguard themselves against the financial and logistical consequences of a stolen converter.

Stay guarded with the undercarriage protection that fits your model best and deter criminals from targeting your vehicle in the future.