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Are Catalytic Converter Alarms and Locks Worth it?

September 18th, 2023

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Wherever and whenever you park your vehicle outside, the chance of it being targeted for its catalytic converter remains high. Across the U.S., catalytic converter theft rates have only continued to rise since 2020.

Thieves target these emissions control devices located beneath your car's undercarriage due to the valuable metals they contain. Metals like platinum and rhodium, which maintain a high price and will sell for hundreds of dollars per ounce just about anywhere around the globe.

Whether you're the driver of a hybrid like the Toyota Prius, or a pickup truck like the Ford F-150, there is a likely chance somebody with a hacksaw is prowling and waiting for their chance to pick off your catalytic converter from beneath your car's undercarriage. It can take only minutes for a crook to snip the exhaust pipes connected to your catalytic converter.

Because there have been numerous catalytic converter theft rings to rise out of the pandemic and hard economic times, car owners have resorted to methods to deter and prevent thieves from stealing their valuable undercarriage parts. With several different undercarriage lock and guard mechanisms available to car owners, there is only one option that remains the most reliable piece of equipment one can add to the bottom of their car.

Do Car Catalytic Converter Alarms and Locks Live Up to the Hype?

Catalytic converter alarms and locks are aftermarket solutions designed to deter thieves. Alarms emit a loud noise when vibrations are detected, and locks physically secure the catalytic converter to the vehicle's undercarriage with a chain or steel wire, making it difficult to remove.

However, with the correct tools, criminals can bypass a catalytic converter alarm or cat lock by removing it entirely from the vehicle. Alarms can lose their charge over time or become disconnected from the car battery due to corrosion and being exposed to the car's exterior. While alarms and locks can deter opportunistic thieves, skilled criminals armed with the right tools can bypass these measures. Also, alarms may not be effective in crowded or noisy areas, and locks can be cut or removed using power tools.

The Best Long-Term Protection: Catalytic Converter Shield Plate Guard

To counter the rising threat of catalytic converter theft, choosing a shield plate guard is a more comprehensive and effective solution. These metal undercarriage plates for Honda, Ford, or Toyota are installed easily, covering the catalytic converter and making it extremely challenging for thieves to access or remove the device with a saw.

Benefits of Catalytic Converter Shield Plate Guards:

  • Physical Barrier: A shield plate guard creates a durable physical barrier that prevents easy access to the catalytic converter.
  • Sturdiness: Made from tough materials, shield plate guards can withstand cutting and grinding attempts by thieves. Also prevents road debris from damaging undercarriage.
  • Permanent Installation: Once installed, a shield plate guard offers continuous protection without the need for activation or additional mechanisms.
  • Long-Term Savings: Investing in a shield plate guard can save you from expensive repairs and replacement costs.

By opting for a catalytic converter shield plate guard, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to catalytic converter theft. While alarms and locks provide some deterrent effect, a shield plate guard offers a higher level of security and peace of mind.

As catalytic converter theft continues to be a concern just about anywhere in America, it's important to explore effective countermeasures. While alarms and locks can provide temporary relief, investing in a catalytic converter shield plate guard not only gives you the most reliable solution for long-term protection against determined thieves, but it also gives you peace of mind.