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We revolutionized the catalytic converter protection industry by introducing vehicle specific solutions. 

Catalytic Converter Theft - A Complicated Mess

Catalytic converter theft is up 293% in the past year (2021). Converter replacements can cost consumers thousands of dollars. 

Worse yet, once the converter is replaced there is still nothing protecting it. The process keeps repeating unless there is a way to break the cycle. 

Why We Started

At our muffler shop we had a customer who had her converter stolen twice in two weeks totaling over $6000 in repairs.  

We had to do something about it so we set to work. We now design and produce premium, vehicle specific catalytic converter protection. 

The Solution

With the invention of our vehicle specific, uniquely designed covers we found a better way to help deter theft. 

We created the market for vehicle specific catalytic converter protection. Now we want to help end catalytic converter theft and we are looking for the right partners to help us do that.

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