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The Original Catalytic Converter Shield

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Our Mission Is Simple


A Solution To A Massive Problem

In less than three minutes, thieves will steal your catalytic converter. The worst part is, most of them make a clean getaway. What’s unfortunate is that you, the owner, get stuck with the massive repair bill. Cat Security solves this problem.

Designed to Protect

We have made it our mission to protect your catalytic converter from theft with a vehicle-specific solution. 

Hard-working people have been experiencing a high volume of theft of their vehicles with no viable solution. 

We decided to design the best products possible to help minimize catalytic converter theft.

We've Got You Covered

Our rapidly expanding product line now includes a variety of makes and models. We want to be able to cover yours as well.

If you do not see your car listed, head over to the contact page and drop your info. We will email you as soon as we get a device ready.

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